Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

S3E11: ”Gingerbread”

December 16, 2021

Joyce’s attempt support Buffy’s Slaying by bringing her dinner in a bag is cut short by the discovery of two murdered children. Scarred, Joyce creates an army of moms to take back Sunnydale from the witches and Slayers. And if she and Willow’s mom have to burn their daughters at the stake to do that, well, that’s a small price to pay for avenging the deaths of these two children no one had ever seen before.


Hear us discuss…

  • We learn Willow’s mom’s name rather quickly!
  • We will never tire of Buffy calling out Xander’s BS
  • The funniest name for the Devil
  • Angel’s heroic pep talk
  • Where is our gingerbread? LIES!


Trigger warnings

Bullying, child death



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