Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

S3E05: ”Homecoming”

November 4, 2021

When Mr. Trick returns to Sunnydale to organize the first ever SlayerFest, Buffy faces her toughest fight yet: battling Cordelia for the title of homecoming queen. As if that weren’t enough, all of her friends seem to have deserted her for Cordelia’s camp. But not all is right among the Scoobies, for two of them have treachery in their hearts and cheating upon their lips. What happens when the one person you can trust is also out to take your crown?


Hear us discuss…

  • It’s nice for Buffy to be doing normal high school things
  • Homecoming queen competitions are sexist
  • RIP Kulak of the Miquot Clan, we barely knew you!
  • Giles PLEASE go get your head scanned already
  • And nothing else. NOTHING ELSE happens in this episode that we care to discuss 😠😭


Trigger warning




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