Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

S3E04: ”Beauty and the Beasts”

October 28, 2021

A mauled marching (jazz) band corpse means a beast is loose in Sunnydale. Initial signs point to Oz, but Buffy when learns there’s another beast out there—a wild, shirtless Angel—she fears the worst. While the gang tries to solve this mystery, Buffy must deal with Sunnydale High’s smoking psychologist and grapple with the fact that not all boyfriends are as innocuous as Scott Hope.


Hear us discuss…

  • Why are we not surprised Xander failed Oz and Willow??
  • Don’t you rush now to find a shirt, Angel
  • History with Kara: what’s a card catalogue?
  • Green goo: all the cool kids are drinking it
  • Buffy needs better training on how to deal with abuse survivors


Trigger warnings

Domestic abuse/violence against women, drug abuse



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Lizzie Costanzo

Emma Kravig

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