Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

S2E07: “Lie to Me”

June 10, 2021

Angel doesn’t tell Buffy about meeting Drusilla in a creepy playground. Willow doesn’t tell Buffy Angel was in her bedroom, getting her to dig up dirt on Ford, a childhood friend of Buffy’s who has suddenly shown up in Sunnydale. Ford doesn’t tell Buffy why he’s really here. And Giles tells Buffy, and Miss Calendar, that he loves monster trucks. You know it’s a going to be a wild ride when Xander is the only person who tells Buffy the truth.


Hear us discuss…

  • This episode is just full of lies!
  • Kara convinces Steph just how significant this episode is
  • Angel and Buffy’s relationship gets emotionally deeper
  • Spike remains such a delicious bad guy
  • At the end of this, does Buffy really know whom she can trust?


Trigger warning



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