Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

S2E04: “Inca Mummy Girl”

May 20, 2021

The reanimated mummy of an Incan princess secretly takes the place of a cultural exchange student staying at Buffy’s house. Xander, of course, is smitten with her. But she has the unfortunate habit of sucking the souls from innocent people. Buffy and the gang race to find the mummy who’s right under their noses. Meanwhile, Willow struggles to set aside her unrequited feelings for Xander even as she attracts the attention of a laid-back musician.


Hear us discuss…

  • The least subtle mummy girl ever
  • Xander continues to the worst
  • Willow deserves better
  • Buffy continues to show her newfound acceptance of her Slayer duties
  • Take a drink every time Steph or Kara say “cultural appropriation”


Trigger warnings

Cultural appropriation



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