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Bonus! Twilight (2008) Movie Review

December 28, 2021

Once upon a time, another Stephenie was also obsessed with vampires. Sexy vampires that glitter! But not so sexy you’d actually have sex with them before marriage, because that’s wrong. This Stephenie wrote a book that became a movie that became a phenomenon known as the Twilight series. The plot? Girl meets boy, boy is a bloodsucking fiend, boy has to help girl flee other bloodsucking fiends who aren’t good vegetarians like him. Truly a tale as old as time.


Hear us discuss…

  • The metric tonne of pretty privilege at work here
  • Kristen Stewart’s pitch-perfect portrayal of teen girl horniness
  • Woman power behind the camera, and why we need more of it
  • These vampires are so silly and it’s great
  • Did Joyce write this movie? Because this movie is tripping balls


Trigger warnings

Blood, immolation, sexual harassment



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